Get to Know Me

Hello, get to know a little more about me.  I answer the following 13 questions:

1) Who am I?
2) What are the things I like?
3) What types of YouTube videos are you planning to make?
4) What are my favorite past times?
5) Where have I lived?
6) Are you right or left-handed?
7) What are your favorite singers?
8) Coke or Pepsi?
9) Are you a morning person or night person?
10) Coffee or tea?
11) Favorite Food?
12) What are you excited for this season?
13) Favorite movies?

Btw, this is my first youtube video. It was a scary process putting myself out there for the online community to see. But I am glad that I did.

In case you have not, Follow me on social media:

Facebook: yayaiammaria
Instagram: @soccerfairy89
Twitter: @mariaiamyaya
Tumblr: pinksoccer89
Pinterest: mariarenteria89


Just a disclaimer about the video: I am not sponsored or paid by companies to mention or give positive reviews on their products. All opinions are mine and honest.


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