La Boquisabrosa: My Food Section of My Blog

Hello food lovers,

Welcome again. I jumped started my food section of blog to continue from my previous food blog La Boquisabrosa which was about recipes, local restaurants, food festivals, and anything related to food in Los Angeles! I am a food enthusiast. Los Angeles is diverse place, with different cultures and taste. With that note, Los Angeles is also the epicenter of the biggest population of Latinos outside of Latin America.  With this said, I felt the need to write a section in my blog about food that remains us of our LA culture, which exposes us to other cultures and Latin American culture.  La Boquisabrosa section will feature recipes, as well cheap-eats restaurants and, occasionally, fancier restaurants to celebrate birthdays, acing midterms, or late-night munchies after partying. I use the term boquisabrosa to sign off each blog, a street term in Mexico and Columbia for a person who loves food. I will leave you with a bit of food for thought:

me dijeron los antepasados, la comida es essencial para la vida. Y tu, que dices?

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If you want me to review a place, or what to contribute a recipe, please email me at

Con amor, la boquisabrosa,




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