TBT: The Perfect Food Review, or at least La Boquisabrosa Version of it

Before I start reviewing restaurants around Los Angeles and places I plan to visit in the future days, I want to let you know how I am going to define a good restaurant from a bad one.

In the past year, I have reflected on my past articles. I noticed on the restaurant reviews I included a rating system for the cost of the restaurant. But nowhere in the articles was there a rating system for the taste of the food. It seems unfair to my readers that I have not created a rating system for the taste of the food.

So I set to the task to find a rating system for the taste. However simple the task looked, all my food lovers will know it is a difficult job to describe the taste in symbols.

So I decided to create my own taste rating system, like I done before with the cost of restaurant rating system.

With my Streetwise Spanish Dictionary on one hand, I came up with the following taste rating system. I decided to use the symbol of thumbs up. It it a common gesture in Brazil to express you thoughts with the thumbs. I paired the thumbs up with a phrase because I didn’t think it was enough to express the taste of food with just a symbol. Here is the taste rating system:

This key is La Boquisabrosa's Taste Rating System to critique restaurants.

This key is La Boquisabrosa’s Taste Rating System to critique restaurants.


4 thumbs up = to suck’s one’s finger that how delicious it is

3 thumbs up = delicious

2 thumbs up = to not be one’s preferred dish

1 thumb down = to have one’s intestines turn, to cause disgust

In case you forgot my cost of the restaurant rating system.

$ = Ajy, it’s pocket friendly!

$$ = Comida Cómoda

$$$ = la dolorosa

I will include both rating systems when I review restaurants and hopefully give my readers a full deep rating systems on food. If you have any suggestions, please email me at laboquisabrosa@gmail.com or comment on my Facebook Page

Con much amor,

La Boquisabrosa


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