An Introduction

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Through the Lens of History

The messages of history have long been communicated through standard sources that have included books, newspapers, and periodicals. Encompassing a combined usage of primary and secondary sources (such as letters, diaries and eyewitness accounts), the stories of the past have been retold for generations upon generations.

However, not until the mid-19th century would an invention quite like the camera, be able to convey a relationship between the photographer and its subject. For the first time, a picture could bring the news of the world to the forefront of the general public. People, places, and events were now visually captured and forever frozen in time with their stories preserved and promised to be retold for years to come.

This blog searches for those moments in history. The most serious, casual and all-around inspiring moments caught on film.

Perhaps a photograph you see on this blog will tell a story you have never…

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