Halloween Look of 2015

Today the night is young and we are celebrating All Hallow’s Eve and last day for the last post of this halloween’s series. In this series, I swan with mermaids as I recreated the mermaid look in this DIY post and had some delectable halloween-ish snacks in this post.

Now for the big Halloween reveal. This year I decide to dress as Queen Mary Of Scots inspired by the show Reign.

Queen Mary of Scots

I got my dress and the fur stole from a thrift store. I added safety pins to scrunch parts of the dress giving it a royal look.

Queen Mary of Scots

To top the look I added tons of rings I had. The thick bands and the crown are actually from the top part of the Princess Vera Wang perfume.   I added Essie Gold scale nail stickers to give a royal look.

Golden Accents of Jewelry for the Queen Mary costume.

For the Royal shoes, I found these vintage shoes in a yard sale.

Gold low heel closed toe shoes.

To top the look and become a queen, all I need is the royal jewelry and the crown. I got these items in the flea market and downtown Los Angeles fashion district.

Queen Mary of Scotland Costume

Now I am off to the royal ball of queens, witches, monsters and ghost. Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.



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