Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

I have several love ones who prefer flipping the pages then flipping the channel. Searching for a gift for bibliophiles (aka book lovers) is as easy as going to Barnes and Noble bookstore. If you want to reach the heart of the bibliophile, here are unique gifts to give instead of the fresh off the press book.

Used Books

A book lover will appreciate the look and smell of used book in mint condition.

  • Tips for purchasing a used book

    • Look for books that have names, dates or a little notes. The book lover will appreciate the history of the previous readers or where the book has been.
    • Try to find a first edition or a rare edition of the book. These books tend to be gold for the book lovers.  The Caravan Book Store in Los Angeles will have those first editions or old books.
    • Try to purchase hard cover books over paper one. It last longer and often looks library worthy without the paper sleeve. Check you look thrift store. My Goodwill Outlet always has an amazing deal for books, 4 for $1. I have found the best sellers there in perfect condition. I plan to give one of the book lovers a mini library in a suit case.

DIY Book Plates

Book Plates are decorative labels used in the past to indicate the owner of the book. Often times they gave a personal touch to the book.  Bibliophiles will love these because it evokes history of pride that people in past had about owning a book.


How to DIY Book Plates

  • Make your own in an editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Indesign. Book plates tend to be small, so I recommend no bigger than 2″x 4″.
  • Pinterest book plates and use these as templates. Just don’t forget to add their name to the plate.
  • Use blank adhesive labels that you find in your office supplies store.
  • Or use heavy cardstock or blank project life cards and add some personal touches. Use archive adhesives to attached the cardstock to book.

This bookplate was created for a little boy. I used an image from Pinterest and added the text, swirling detail and the floral background in Adobe Illustrator.


DIY Miniature Book Key chain or Necklace

Book Lovers love to carry a book everywhere they go. Why not give them a portable book that is perfect to attach to their keys or necklace.


I made this simple DIY book charm with bookmark.

How to DIY Miniature Book


I used the saddle stitch to make this book charm.

  • This tutorial or this one shows how to make a simple book necklace.
  • Print out small pages templates of text from their favorite books or favorite poems.

Other Potential Gifts

  • Mini Library

    • Use a suitcase to feature small books and to easily portable. This is ideal for someone who does stay to long in one place or someone who loves to read outside their homes.
  • DIY Bookmarks

    • Make it as unique and personal to the person. If you need an idea here read this.
  • Upcycle Furniture to Bookcases

Hope you enjoy these ideas for unique gifts. If you do decide to give one of these unique gifts, #yayaiammaria or tag me Instagram or Facebook.

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.




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