SF Trip

I recently visited San Francisco (SF). I lived in SF for two years and consider it my second home. I try to visit as frequent as I can to visit love ones and the city. Every time I visit I try to visit a new place. Here is what I did:


Photos of My Trip

First stop was LAX. This is a piece from the exhibition. 

Tahata Exhibition at LAX. Painting by Randall Von Bloomberg


After a red eye flight, I got to sleep right away. Next day, I had this delicious meal.

Cheesecake Factory inside Macy’s in Union Square. I got Lunch Herb Crusted Filet Salmon with mashed red potatoes and aparagus.

I decided to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum on my fifth day.


Walt Disney’s vision of Disneyland. 


Walt Disney Quote 

On the sixth day, I headed to Concord for delicious sushi at Momoyama Sushi.

I Love You Roll is a deep fried salmon avocado roll with spicy mayo drizzled on top.


Combination Sashimi

I spotted these throughout my whole trip. Are they not just so cute!


Wooden Trolley with Christmas Decorations. 


Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.




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