Unique Gifts for Geeks

Christmas is fast approaching with only 10 days left. Yet, it is not an excuse to have unique gifts for that special geek or geeks in your life.

I totally geek out about stuff, so you can trust me in these unique gifts for the ultimate geek.

Geeks like many things, but unfortunate this blog post won’t be able to cover all things geek relating. So I chose five things that for sure a geek will love.

Comic Books

 The older the comic book, the more it shines to your geek. Comic books are the definitely home run since they cover many topics, superheroes, cartoon characters, history, sci-fi,  illustrations and etc. You can find comic books everywhere. But the older or rarer are only found in comic book stores or thrift shops. If you live in Los Angeles, check your nearest Salvation Army. I found boxes of boxes of vintage comic books.

Vintage Toys/ Collectibles

These are the things that make a geek collection important. Again, the rarer or vintage it is the happier your geek will be.

  • Things that you should look for:

    • Dolls and Accessories– Many people overlook the importance of accessories. I always can find accessories to barbies, GI Joes, or other dolls. The person who collects these probably has the dolls, so he or she will love the accessories
    • Posters– You will find many of these framed so look thought the home section.
    • Toys This is what I look for the most. Usually I look through my local thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. Check out the Goodwill Online Shop.
    • Stuff Animals/ Plushies  Tip- go to a specialty store that sells that character and ask for tips on how to care for it, sometimes washing or dry cleaning damages it.  Sometimes the stuff animals have instructions labels.


Your fellow geek will like to get more information of the topic that he or she geeks about. So why not turn to a book for this information

  • Things that you should keep an eye out: 
    • Memoirs
    • History Books
    • Behind-the-Scenes
    • Fiction Books— I find Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Star Wars and other books at my local Goodwill outlet and it cost 25 cents each.

Re-purpose Thrift Finds

Sometimes you find that one book or board game that is missing a piece, ripe or in bad condition. You can always re-purpose your finds and create a unique one of piece honoring the geeking subject.


Geek Theme Vintage Clothing

This is my favorite part finding vintage clothing that is related to my geek obsession.

  • Things that you should look for:
    • T-shirts- These are best to find with the subject your geek loves
    • Try to clothes similar to the cartoon, show or character that your geek loves. You have more luck in finding something in the thrift store or flea market of something if the character is from another decade.
    • You can always use a form of a clothing into a cosplay costume.  

I found these at a thrift store in Santa Cruz. Planning to use these as regular pins

Hope you enjoy these ideas for unique gifts. If you do decide to give one of these unique gifts, #yayaiammaria or tag me Instagram or Facebook.

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.



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