Unique Gifts for Artist

I always leave the hardest people to shop for gifts at the last moment. One of these people are artists. Yes, I can replenish their art supplies or give them countess drawing books. However, I took the challenge to find unique gifts for the artistic people I love. Here are my thoughts of unique gifts for the artist.

Used Books

This makes on every list of unique gifts because it human intellectual and inspiration that a book breathes into a person that it can it never be wrong. So what artist look for the following books:

  • Art Books
  • Graphic / Design Book
  • Books with fantastic illustrations
  • Books with unique text design
  • Classical Literature Books with heavy text, and write a note to the artist to draw illustration on top of the text to create an art book. If you can even cut out scenes too.

You can find use books in your local thrift store, Goodwill, Salvation Army. If you live near Los Angeles, make a stop at The Last Bookstore or Caravan Books.


Artist are always in need of frames, either to display their artwork or artwork from other artists. Grab all different sizes and colors, so they can make a mini gallery at home.


Purchase a used suitcase and convert it to a carry-along art studio. This is perfect for an artist without a studio. Read this blog post for how to convert your vintage suitcase.

Vintage Prints

Artist are always looking for inspiration. Look for amazing prints to inspire the artist, prints can be either fabric prints,book prints, poster prints, or home decor.

Vintage Art Supplies

Look for vintage art supplies to put in a shadow box for a memorabilia. You will most likely find these in the yard sales or flea markets. Look for the following art supplies:

  • brushes
  • used oil paint tubes
  • palette knives
  • mixing plates or boards
  • vintage pens or pencils
  • vintage crayons or pastels
  • watercolors palette
  • erasers

There you have it unique gifts for the artistic love one.

Hope you enjoy these ideas for unique gifts. If you do decide to give one of these unique gifts, #yayaiammaria or tag me Instagram or Facebook.

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.




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