Unique Gifts for the Fashionista

Christmas is tomorrow and the panic is set in. As much planning I do, I always end up shopping to the very last minute. However, I leave the last people that are easiest to get presents.

Fashionista love everything that is unique and in fashion. You can buy the latest fashion trend, but why not make it unique for them. Fashion is always on repeat. Trends that are happening today are trends that were invented in the past.

The big decades revivals that are happening now is the 60s,  70s and 90s

What better way to find these decades than the thrift stores. For your Fashionista in your life, the following are items that you can buy at a thrift store that you can’t never go wrong.


A good purse never goes out of fashion. Fashionista always has to have a purse as an accessory. You can buy a quirky to a fancy purse and the fashionista will know how to pair it with her outfits.


Coats are made to keep you warm. But for a fashionista it is a statement piece and not a necessary piece. Try looking for big coats. Those are usually the coats that never go out of fashion and the pieces that the fashionista go gaga for.


Dresses are the fashion one piece and can be easily alter to fit or alter to modern fashion. This is the first place I look, because dresses are a staple in a fashionista closet.


Your fashionista can’t be a fashionista without accessories. Try looking for these:

  • silk scarves
  • hats
  • gloves
  • wraps


These are definitely the best friend of the fashionista. Jewelry made back in those decades are durable and unique.

These are the items I look for in the thrift store and that are the pieces in my closet that one-of-kind pieces.

Hope you enjoy these ideas for unique gifts. If you do decide to give one of these unique gifts, #yayaiammaria or tag me Instagram or Facebook.

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.







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