Reflecting on 2015

On the last day of the year, I would like to reflect on the year, my failures, my accomplishments and my sense of being.

Everyone starts the year with resolutions, but I do not like the term or idea. You change throughout the year, and what will be the solution to the goal or problem that you set yourself, might not be what you need as a person later that year. So I like to use the term goal, because it is not permanent, and once you accomplished the goal, you can setup another and another. Goals are character building and resolutions are most of the time band-aid solutions.

With this mindset, in the end of the post I will set-up goals that I will like to accomplish for 2016.

Now, time to reflect on my failures of 2015 first because I like to end in a high note instead of low note.

Failures of 2015

Unable to Find my Dream Job

I set-up with the mindset in the beginning of the year to find a job that will be full-time in the field of my dreams: museums. However, I never accomplished this. I did countless number of applications, handfull of interviews and yet no offer.

Did not accomplish my Goodreads Goal

I am a big fan of the app Goodreads. This app helps you setup a reading challenge. This year, I setup my reading challenge for 12 books. This is truly a challenge for me because of my dysexlia. I have accomplished reading 1 out of 12 books and in the middle of 4 books according to Goodreads. 

Did not start Project Life Albums 

During 2015, I brought supplies to start my project life albums. Nonetheless, I never started it because I needed to print the photos. 


Got Interviews

Even though I did not get my dream job. I had the opportunity to get the chance to interview for several jobs. This only proves that I have the skills needed. I  might just need to improve my interview skills. When getting interview, I found out that there more than a handful of applicants and that I am completing with many for one position. In light of this, I do not see the other applicants as competition, but as my peers who I will probably at one point of career will work with.


I started volunteering in the beginning of the year. It felt right. I was gaining confidence with talking people while helping a great organization. 

Restarted my Blog

After years being dormant, I revamped my blog and created multiple post throughout the year. To date I had 638 views and 367 visitors.  I am thankful for such accomplishment and grateful that people can relate to my post. As mention earlier, I restarted my blog to help improve my writing and proofreading skills. With dysexlia, if you are not consistently writing or reading you regress back severely.

Created my First YouTube

In order to improve my interview skills, I started filming myself and posting to YouTube. This is helping me identify my lack of eye contact and control more my nerves. It is scary to put yourself out to World Wide Web. But now that I have done it, I am gaining the confidence. 

Overcame my Depression Period

Not having my dream job, living back home and having the pressure of living up to the family expections took a toll of my mental well being. I will lock myself in my room and watch movies and tv for countless hours without moving. I will prefer staying in my room when my friends or family invited me out. My music and movies where about sad themes. I will avoid being on social media. I would watch YouTube videos on loop imagining their perfect lives. 

What got me out of this runt, was talking to my friends and love ones and letting them know that I was not happy with my self. I started journaling in a simple matter. (Maybe I will write a blog post about this). I will set daily goals that were easy to accomplish. When you are in a depression, daily goals become hard to accomplish. Thus, setting up three a day made me feel more accomplish. I wrote in my journal inspiring words from important figures I admire. All this help me turn my mental mind from negatively to a semi-positive state of mind.

Reducing my carbon foot print

This year, I decided to incorporate more thrift items in my house and wardrobe. This decision came about after I read about a family who does this to reduce their carbon footprint. I went to the thrift store and amazed at all the good quality stuff that still had a life. By using second hand, you are creating less demand for new items to be created. Thus using less fuel and man waste.

Goals for 2016

Acquire a new skill

Improving my chances to get my dream job, I will need to acquire new skills. So I hope to enroll into classes in carpentry, metal, art and CPR. Hopefully this strength my resume and skills.

Expanding my Art

I will like to continue and even make more jewelry, book binding, and printmaking. In addition, I will like to start my watercoloring. 

Start my Project Life Albums 

Now that I  have all the needed to make project life, I want to do two albums. One for my personality. It will feature such as hobbies, career, food, family and what I like. The second will be dedicated to my travels.

Get a Step Closer to My Dream Job

I know it takes a while for me to get my dream job. But I will keep applying to jobs that will get me closer to my dream job. 

Make my Blog Post More Consistent

Now that I have my blog setup, I need to make my blog posting schedule more consistent. 

Make more YouTube Videos

Keeping with the theme with consistent, I need to do the same with my Youtubes.


I look at all these failures, accomplishments, and goals as extension of my character and state of mind. 2015 was a great growth for me because it was the first time school was not my identity. It was a year of struggle for my mental being and a year of enlightment. 

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.



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