Le Petit Paris – Restaurant Review

Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. Therefore, it would be reasonable that LA has excellent French cuisine.

Le Petit Paris can be added to the list of great cuisine that Los Angeles has to offer.

Ambiance & Attendance

It makes or break a restaurant if these two factors are not up to par.


Inside the restaurant Le Petit Paris

Opening last year, September 2015, it ambiance is wonderful and romantic. It is definitely a restaurant to share with a love one or your best friend.  The service was excellent, but that might be because there were only three small groups.


The first dish we ordered was the Herb-crusted Cod with Mashed Potato.

my dish

Herb-Crusted Cod with Mashed Potato

The outside was crunchy and savory. The pistachios and walnut nuts gave it an earthy taste which commented the buttery taste of the cod. The mashed potato was fluffy and had a cream texture that I like.

The next dish we ordered was the Chilean Sea Bass with Sweet Potato Tart.

my real dish from the side

Chilean Sea Bass with Sweet Potato Tart

The skin was crunchy with the soft texture of the fillet. The tomato gave it a sweet taste that I like. I love tomatoes and to me it makes everything better. The real winner was the sweet potato tart. It was crunchy from the outside and soft in the inside. The sweet potato was earthy and not overwhelming. The cream sauce was brought all the different taste together with a savory sweet combination.

Now for dessert.

dessert time

We ordered the cheesecake with strawberries. The cheesecake was fluffy and light which brings out the cream cheese flavor out. The strawberries were fresh and sweet. I had to give it to them, this is definitely on my top places to go for traditional cheesecake.


Cheesecakes with Strawberries

We also had the Raspberry Large Macaron.


The wafer was light and airing, but you get the taste of raspberry. The raspberry fill was delicious because of the sudden hint of chocolate that give the sweet berries an earthy tone. The rose petal was a cute additional to the plate. I highly recommended this dessert if you have to choose one dessert to eat in Le Petit Paris.


Le Petit Paris definitely suits up to the fine cuisine with all the dishes. I love the sweet potato tart and the sea bass. The dessert was beyond delicious. Their signature dish Raspberry macron definitely deserves the honor of best macron.

So I give it:

Taste Rating System Rico 3

I give it one thumb less because the cheesecake could have been a bigger piece. Also watch your pockets at Le Petit Paris, it is  $$$ = la dolorosa.


Until next time, foodies.

Con Amor, 

La Boquisabrosa


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2 thoughts on “Le Petit Paris – Restaurant Review

  1. Hello Maria! I just wanted to come on over and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! It’s nice to make your acquaintance!

    What gorgeous food graces this page! My mouth is watering just looking at it — and it is certainly another form of beautiful art! Looking forward to seeing more on your blog in the future!

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