DIY: Daily Life Journal

Are you going through a rough patch in your life? Do you suffer from episodic depression? Are you yearning for those happy days, but are only having sad grumpy days?

Well, I did and still going through with it. I was facing many stress after I finished college. It seems to me with each day passing my life was getting more out of control. I was in a real slump that I would not come out of room, watched marathons of tv shows, and would not like to hang out with the family or friends.

Daily task became so hard when you are in a depression. Each day I didn’t want to do my daily tasks or anything that will excite me like my hobbies.

A friend then told me that I need to take it just one day at the time. Thinking about this, then I thought what makes me stress and how can I take my life back.

I have not yet figure out everything, but with this simple DIY Daily Life Journal helps me found the positively of everyday and helps me take a day at a time.


Materials you need:

  • A journal or notepad
  • Page flags
  • Multiple color pens
  • adhesive
  • optional: stickers or paper with quotes


  1. First divide your journal into three sections. One section is going to be half the size of the other sections. You can add more sections if you like. I kept it at three because it seems less of daunting task.
  2. Place page flags where each section begins. You can label the section on the flag if you want.
  3. Recommend topics for sections:
    • Inspiring Quote of the Day- I look for awesome inspiring quotes from public figures to literature because it makes me feel that someone has gone through a struggle and give us the wisdom he or she have gained from it. I also look back at this section whenever I feel that I am starting this episodic period of my life.
    • Inspiring Playlist- Music definitely speaks to my soul. Whenever I am in this slump, I usually look to music to get more sad. However, to override this action, I created a playlist to bring my spirits up. It also helps if you can create this playlist in your Spotify.
    • Find of the Day – I look for the most positive things that happen to me that day.  These usually are events, hobbies, or task. When I look back at this section, it makes me realize the positively and reminds me of the task that I really do enjoy.
    • Three Goals of the Day- To get life going, I made this task list to complete simple everyday chores. Every time I cross a task off, I feel proud and get happier. When I do not complete a task, I write a note of encouragement that I will complete this task next time.


  1. You don’t have to write in this every day. Your ultimate goal is to write less and less in the journal.  I usually write in it when I am sad. When I am happy, I try to enjoy the moments and don’t worry about writing. 
  2. Do it in your style. You know what works for you. What works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you.
  3. Keep it simple. The more it is minimalist the less likely you are to stress out. Usually I give up writing because I don’t have the color, stickers or the right stationary. Keep it simple, no more than three colors. I usually print out photos of quotes on sticker paper to keep in my journal when I don’t have quotes in mind.

Hope you enjoy this small diy. I hope that this journal brings some light like it does to me. If you do do Daily Life Journal, hashtag #yayaiammaria so I can see you setup and I can support you with a like in this time of yours.

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.



4 thoughts on “DIY: Daily Life Journal

    • Thanks! When I have those days I don’t write in my journal but just look at my past entries and it reminds me that I will eventual be on the other side soon. Thanks for sharing your story, it definitely lets people and me know that others can relate to you.

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