Restaurant Review: Crawfish Corner

South of Downtown Los Angeles, the city of Carson is having a boom of new restaurants.

Crawfish Corner is one of these newbie restaurants in the neighbor. It is a Cajun/ Creole Asian fusion restaurant  with their main dish being boil. Located in the newly built condos on Carson Street, the restaurant imbues muted beach tones and an ocean theme.

I had the opportunity to visit this restaurant twice which helps me give a well-rounded review. So now for review.

Crawfish Corner Review

Here is the menu of the different options of seafood and sauce for the boil. They also have other dishes.


What I got?

My family and I had 2 lbs of shrimp boil with corn and potatoes and 1 lb of oysters in the Cajun medium spicy sauce.

We order a side of rice per person. The rice sides are individual sides which I wish they did a family serving instead.

    Here are photos:

    Final Thoughts

    I am going to give this place:

    Taste Rating System Rico 3

    It is close to (four thumbs up) but fall short because I am not a big fan of their house sauce, which I got by mistake instead of the side of their Cajun sauce.  I also did not like that their special is get 2 lbs and get corn and potatoes. But, when we open the bag we only found one small piece of corn. I would think that they would put in at least 2 pieces because 2 lbs is usually shared by two people and not just one person.

    Also watch your pockets at Crawfish Corner, it is  $$$ = la dolorous if you order too much or order the crab.

    Tips for Your Visit

    If you are planning to visit here or other boil restaurant, just beware that it can be pretty mess. So be sure that you are not wearing something that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty or make sure that your plastic bid is on super tight.

    Also, the restaurant is located in a middle of the construction at Carson Street and it is located in semi-constructed condos. So if you are driving, just know it will be a hassle to find parking.


    Until next time, foodies.

    Con Amor, 

    La Boquisabrosa








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