Happy Planner Haul! + Discount Tips

It is getting close to July, which only means one thing: time for a new planner. The stars aligned and I just got myself a Happy Planner for my sister and me. I also got few accessories for the planner and at the same time I had huge savings.
If you are interested on how I save on the Happy Planner, scroll to bottom to my Savings Tips section.

So what is the Happy Planner?

A Happy Planner is a disc-bounded planner by the company Me & My Big Ideas (MAMBI).  What makes this planner more awesome is how you can customize the planner.

What did I get?


Happy Planner


I got 2016-2017 Classic Happy Planner in Picture Quote for my sister and Floral Fresh for me. Regular price for each is $29.99 and I purchased them for $16.18* each.


MAMBI Happy Planner Washi Tape


Each tube of washi tape came with 7 individuals rolls of washi that coordinate. I got my in Fresh Floral to coordinate with my planner. Regular price is $9.99 and I purchased it for $6.42*.  Each washi come out for 91 cents each, cheaper than the dollar tree.

Pocket Folders


This packet of pocket folders comes with 6 different designs. Regular price is $7.99 and I purchased  them for $*.



This pack comes with 3 translucent colors dashboards and a sheet of stickers. They are perfect board to place your post-it notes and tabs for your agenda. Regular price is $4.99 and I purchased them for $3.77*. Each dashboard/stickers came out 94 cents.

Pen Holders


This pack comes with two pen holders in hot pink or black faux smooth leather. It is a must to have in your agenda to make sure your have a pen with you all the time. Regular price is $4.99 and I purchased them for $3.77*.  I made a second purchase for $* for my mother (she also hop on to the Happy Planner band wagon). Each pen holder came out for.

Snap In Backs


This pack came with 12 snap in backs, which are used to add paper, project life cards or photos. I purchased two packs. Regular price is $4.99 for each  and I purchased them for $3.77*. Each snap back came out at 31 cents each.

To-Do Stickers in Gold Foil


The sticker packet comes with 5 sheets of different types of gold foil stickers that keep you organized. Regular price is $4.99 for each  and I purchased them for $3.77*.

Happy Planner Punch

This punch helps you cut the time to punch out the holds needed for your diy pages or planner accessories. Regular price is $29.99, and I purchased it for $19.60*.

More Accessories 

Other brands are becoming part of the planner community. Michaels hope on the brand wagon and had these available.

Recollections Gold Foil Sticky Notes


These are mini post-its notes are perfect for the Happy Planner. Regular price is $2.99, and I purchased it for $1.86*.

Recollections Gold Foil Stickers


I love these stickers to point to important stuff. They are cute and small which are perfect for me. Regular price is $2.99, and I purchased it for $1.86*.

Savings Tips

Now you might be wondering how did I save all this money.

Tip #1: always check the store if they accept the competitor’s store coupon. If they do you are in luck. 

I used a Joann’s 50% of a regular priced item coupon at Michaels, which I applied to my sister’s and my Happy Planner. It was processed in two different transactions.

Tip #2- see if the store lets you stack coupons.

These are the coupons I stack on top of 50% coupon.

  • 40% off regular priced Recollections stickers, embellishments, and washi. (Michaels coupon)
    • I used this discount on embellishments keys and buttons.
  • 30% off regular priced purchase (Michaels coupon)
    • I used this  Dashboards, Pen Holders, Snap in backs, and To-Do stickers.

Tip # 3- make different purchasing transaction

This is not hard for me because I have to go to different Michaels to find everything I want. So that actually forces me to do different transactions. Also take a shopping buddy who can help you with that.

I used the Michaels 40% off the regular price item on the washi tape. I purchased on a different transaction with the 50% Joann’s coupon the pocket folders.

So that is three tips to help you save in craft stores. Let me know in the comments if you have any tips on how to save in the craft stores.

 Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.


* Just a side note- all the prices include taxes too. 

Disclaimer: I purchased all these planner goodies with my own money and this is not a sponsor post.


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