Collecting Cuteness: My Tsum Tsum Collections

I do not know when exactly my obsession with the cute miniature characters named Tsum Tsum came about, but I now that I am obsessed I have to collect these cuties. Probably this obsession came about when I downloaded the game or when I visited a Disney store,  however, it came about I am happy about it.

You might ask, What is Tsum Tsum?

Tsum Tsum started as a Line game app with Disney characters.  Tsum Tsum means stackable.  Afterward, they started making plushies which come in small, medium, and large. Later they branch out to vinyl figures and other items.

I recently wrote about how obsessed I am with Tsum Tsums iPhone game app. It was about time I wrote about my collection. I am going to focus on my plushies collection because I do not have many in the vinyl form.

Now, you might ask: what characters do I have?

I have a total of 55 Tsum Tsums. I actually spread my Tsum Tsums collection in my room based on their characteristics.  Below is my list of Tsum Tsums in no particular order.

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Tsum Tsum Collection

  1. Mickey Mouse
  2. Minnie Mouse
  3. Goofy
  4. Pluto
  5. Donald Duck
  6. Daisy
  7. Marie
  8. Dumbo
  9. Queen of Hearts
  10. Alice in the Wonderland
  11. White Rabbit
  12. Cinderella
  13. Gus
  14. Suzy
  15. Rapunzel
  16. Pascal
  17. Ariel
  18. Sebastian
  19. Dopey
  20. Dressy Minnie Mouse
  21. Dressy Daisy Duck
  22. Dressy Marie
  23. Dressy Miss Bunny
  24. Thumper
  25. Miss Bunny
  26. Dale
  27. Winnie the Pooh
  28. Tigger
  29. Piglet
  30. Eeyore
  31. Owl
  32. Roo
  33. Christopher Robin
  34. Rabbit
  35. Grover
  36. Winnie the Pooh Bumble Bee (Medium Pouch)
  37. Winnie the Pooh Bumble Bee
  38. Eeyore Bumble Bee
  39. Piglet Bumble Bee
  40. Tigger Bumble Bee
  41. Simba
  42. Zazu
  43. Three Peas in a Pod
  44. Lotso
  45. Stinky Pete the Prospector
  46. Stitch
  47. Baymax
  48. Olaf
  49. Joy
  50. Sadness
  51. Captain America
  52. Incredible Hulk
  53. Starlord
  54. Gamora
  55. Stormtrooper
  56. Cp30
  57. Jar Jar Blinks
  58. Queen Amidala
  59. Anaklin Skywalker

What do I do with my collection?

I store my Tsum Tsums in different areas in my room based on their characteristics. I also keep one in my purse when I am traveling and do mini photo shoots with them.

Comment below if you want me to feature a blog on my mini photo shoots with my Tsum Tsums. 
My Tsum Tsums collection is pretty large for not being a child.As an adult, I am not embarrassed to say that I collect toys still. I have definitely met new friends with my new obsessions. In addition, I have converted some of my friends to Tsum Tsums lovers too. My nephew of two years doesn’t say much, but he says  Tsum Tsums so I can put the short films on.

Tsum Tsums are becoming quite popular and hope they continue to make new plushies, short films, and other items.

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.


Updated: I updated the list of Tsum Tsums and included images of my collection on June 13, 2015.


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