2 Weeks into 2017

2017 hit and I did not feel it. It might have been because I did not celebrate it how I intend it after poorly bad planning on my behalf. Or it is the year that I feel might be tremendous because of society outlook of future events and didn’t look forward to it.

Nonetheless, I took my time to reflect how 2016 went and what I look forward in 2017.

In 2016, I wrote a blog post “Reflecting on 2015,” where I write my goals of 2016. In this blog, I  am going to reflect on these goals and create a checklist of the things I didn’t do, things I did, and things I will carry on to 2017. Lastly, I will add new projects, hopes, plans for 2017.  Now, time to look into the past.

Goals I Did Not Cross Off in 2016 

  1. Get a Step Closer to my dream job

    I set out 2016 with the goal to get closer to my dream job. I was working in a museum when I set the goal, however it was not an ideal museum job position that I wanted . I felt I had to leave the museum job I had because it ran it course and I was not going growing at all. It was a hard decision because I made so many friendships and bonds there. I still visit the museum whenever I am in LA and I am still in touch with many of co-workers.

  2. Make my Blog More Consistent

    I have to say that tried my hardest for consistence, but life happened. I had posted consistently for quite a while, for 2016 I posted 75% of the year consistently, but I stop posting when I move out of LA . You can learn more about my current life update in this post.


Goals I Did Cross Off in 2016

  1. Expanding My Art

    I made various pieces of jewelry per request, gifts for individuals or to sell in my shop. On that note, I started an Instagram shop called Petite Curiosities Shop, where I sell adorable handmade jewelry, crafts, and cute girly accessories.  I started this shop to motivate me to cross off my goal of expanding my art, which it really work. Little by little I am exploring new forms of artwork to see what I can fill my shop with. I am also exploring new forms of expanding my art because of my current job in which I really do tons of crafting and creating things with limited resources. This goal was not hard because I set my mind in the beginning of the year to give at least one handmade item as a gift to my love ones, which lead to me opening my shop and then me really continuing this goal for my own pleasure.

  2. Start a Project Life Album

    I achieve this goal with the above as the same motivation, by giving someone a handmade gift. For Valentine’s Day, I made a bucket list for my significant other, of things we should do as a couple. It was filled with tons of project life cards, stickers, and I used a Smash binder. It was great. Since it supposes to last forever, we continue to add more on the bucket list. So,  I will do a feature post about it, the progress of it and how to.

  3. Made More Youtube Videos

    I definitely can cross off this on my list. I feel more comfortable with YouTube than blogging. However, I find it more of a challenge to blog, so I continue it to really help me to treat my dyslexia. YouTube has been more successful in getting people more involved with my content. It might be because you do not see written errors or YouTube platform is more forgiving in the mistakes. Whatever the reason, it has given me the confidence to talk to the camera, be more creative, and explore my passions of gaming, crafting, food and daily life. My most successful video is about food, which I overly passionate about it as you can tell with my La Boquisabrosa section of my blog.  Nonetheless, I will continue to publish more Youtube videos to continue learning about editing and publishing videos.

  4. Attaining a New Skill

    Attained a new skillIn 2016, I felt in order to get closer to my dream job in the museum I had to acquire a new skill. I decided to go back to community college to take a class in Construction, in which I took 3 classes. I learned alot about woodworking, construction tools and how weak I am. I couldn’t lift some heavy tools, lol. But, the course paid off. I currently use it at my work and hopefully can apply it to future job positions in the museums.

Goals to Continue in 2017

  1. Get a Step Closer to My Dream Job

    I am taking a step closer to finding my dream job by taking an AmeriCorps Vista position and devoting a year, which ends in August 2017, of volunteering service to the US. Hopefully this will reflect good on my resume and job experience. Wish me luck and I promise to work hard at this goal

  2. Expanding my Artwork

    This year I plan to conquer this goal by setting a list of at least 50 ways I want to do artwork. Hopefully I can cross-off half of the list. The major artwork I want to do is an art journal, which encompasses mix-media art, and do watercoloring prints.

  3. Start a new Project Life Album

    I have a few more albums to fill up with project life cards and photos.

  4.  Continue Loading More Youtube Videos

    I want to load more YouTube Videos than I did last year and get more diverse content in my videos.

  5. Post One Blog Post per a Month

    Since last year I was so close to posting consistently. I am going to set a smaller goal of at least one post per month and hopefully that will be easier to accomplish.

New Goals 2017

  1. I will like to get involved in an extra-curricular activity that has to do with a group so I can make friends where I am currently living.
  2. Travel
  3. Make time for me

These are just some of my goals, as 2017 continues it will probably change. However, I think these are goals for a lifetime I want to set for me.


Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.