Taste Test: Cinnabon Products

I can’t resist Cinnabon. I love the soft cinnamon roll bun drenching in its signature icing. But it can be a pretty expensive eating habit every time I go to the mall or the theme park (Knott’s Berry Farm).

So I went on a hunt to looking for an alternative cinnamon roll. Sorry Ikea, your cinnamon rolls don’t cut it, they are just too dry for me.  What I found on my not so delicious rolls journey that there were Cinnabon theme snacks all along. My a-ha moment. I don’t have to replace my Cinnabon. I just needed Cinnabon taste without the roll.

This brings me today, where I tried and review Cinnabon-inspired snacks.

You can purchase the Cinnabon Popcorn by Wise Snacks. For more information on  Cinnabon Gooey Bites click here.

Let me know if you know any other Cinnabon products that I can try.