VALENTINE’S DAY DIY: Bucket list Book

It is the time again to show your loved one that you care. The day of love, as many know it as Valentine’s Day is coming up in a couple of days. Alongside Valentine’s Day is a far less celebrated day in the United States: day of friendships. This holiday, dia de la amistad, is popularly celebrated in Latin America and in Latino communities in the US.

Both holidays celebrate love, and what perfect way to celebrate your loved ones by creating a  perfect easy DIY. It is so easy that in the end, you will want to celebrate occasions just to make an excuse to do this DIY multiple times.

DIY Bucketlist Book 

You will need:

  • A small 3 ring small Binder*
  • Project Life Page Protectors (I used 6×8″ size)
    • You can find these at (Michael’s***, Joann’s*** and Amazon)
  • Project Life Cards**
    • You can find these at (Michael’s***, Joann’s*** and Amazon)
  • Cardstock
  • Various of decorative paper
  • Bucketlist

Optional Recommend Items:

  • Stickers
  • Washi tape
  • Ticket Stubs or Memorabilia
  • Becky Higgins Round Corner
  • Permanent Glue Runner
  • Decorative Scissors
  • Felt Color Pens

Items Mentioned:

I hope you enjoy this DIY gift and comment below if you have a bucket list and one thing on your bucket list. I need more ideas to add to my bucket list.

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.


Disclaimer: I (Maria Renteria) am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
However, not all links are associated with Amazon Associates Program. I chose to use the link with the best cheap price of the items. I often buy my items in clearance are hard to come by. When this is the case, I use the Amazon link. You can choose to use my links or google the item.

* In my video I stated that it was a Smash Book. Unfortunately, I mess up the details of the binder. It is a Simple Stories Snap Binder, 4 by 6″, Red. However, Smashbooks are similar and I recommend it K&Company 30-685949 SMASH Kraft Paper Cover with Black Binder. I also recommend Project Life Small 3-ring binder or the Target binders at the dollar spot.
** I collected different ones. I highly recommend the smaller packets of Project Life cards like this one Project Life Themed Card, Travel because you will have multiples of the same one and this theme is common in the bucket list. If you like your bucket list to have a theme than the ultimate packs are the best, but they usually cost $29.99.
*** Tip: Do not forget to use your coupons. You can use your Joann’s coupon at Michael and vice verse. If you shop online, earn money on your purchases at these stores online by using Ebates, where you can get a percentage back in cash.

Ahoy Mate! Looking Dapper at Disneyland

I love dressing up and what better way to dress up than in the happiest place in the world, Disneyland. I attended unofficial event “Dapper Day” on Disneyland on May 1, 2016 for the first time. This blog is a bit late since there is no wifi in the sea, just kidding, but with no more delays let me tell you my adventure. This unofficial event is speared headed by Dapper Day organization, who states that this is a day of fashion outings where you dress in your best. Many people dress in vintage, but you can dress modern too.

I had to much fun planning my outfit and going to Disneyland.

Dapper Day Outfit


I wore  Unique Vintage Nautical 1950s Style White & Red Bon Voyage Swing Dress. I paired this dress with Forever 21 Sailor Inspired Cardigan that I borrowed from my sister. I also wore comfortable black Keds to walk around all day in Disneyland.

I matched the outfit with a Loungefly Minnie Bow Faux Leather satchel and a Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum Crossbody Bag.

I hand made the vintage inspired red Pill-Box hat with white and navy ribbon accents.

Unforgettable Birthday Celebration


Attending a Dapper Day was a birthday celebration hit that was unforgettable. I got to walk around in the park and felt that like I was on a movie set or visiting the park in the 1950s.

I got a birthday pin which made Dapper Day more delightful. I got treated to a cute cupcake from the staff.

I highly recommend Dapper Day if you want to walk around Disneyland because it is the best time to get cute and take tons of photos and snap yourself throughout the park. It was great seeing everyone dress up and seeing their creative outfits.

What did you like of my adventure in Disneyland or my outfit? Let me know in the comment below.

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.


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DIY: Daily Life Journal

Are you going through a rough patch in your life? Do you suffer from episodic depression? Are you yearning for those happy days, but are only having sad grumpy days?

Well, I did and still going through with it. I was facing many stress after I finished college. It seems to me with each day passing my life was getting more out of control. I was in a real slump that I would not come out of room, watched marathons of tv shows, and would not like to hang out with the family or friends.

Daily task became so hard when you are in a depression. Each day I didn’t want to do my daily tasks or anything that will excite me like my hobbies.

A friend then told me that I need to take it just one day at the time. Thinking about this, then I thought what makes me stress and how can I take my life back.

I have not yet figure out everything, but with this simple DIY Daily Life Journal helps me found the positively of everyday and helps me take a day at a time.


Materials you need:

  • A journal or notepad
  • Page flags
  • Multiple color pens
  • adhesive
  • optional: stickers or paper with quotes


  1. First divide your journal into three sections. One section is going to be half the size of the other sections. You can add more sections if you like. I kept it at three because it seems less of daunting task.
  2. Place page flags where each section begins. You can label the section on the flag if you want.
  3. Recommend topics for sections:
    • Inspiring Quote of the Day- I look for awesome inspiring quotes from public figures to literature because it makes me feel that someone has gone through a struggle and give us the wisdom he or she have gained from it. I also look back at this section whenever I feel that I am starting this episodic period of my life.
    • Inspiring Playlist- Music definitely speaks to my soul. Whenever I am in this slump, I usually look to music to get more sad. However, to override this action, I created a playlist to bring my spirits up. It also helps if you can create this playlist in your Spotify.
    • Find of the Day – I look for the most positive things that happen to me that day.  These usually are events, hobbies, or task. When I look back at this section, it makes me realize the positively and reminds me of the task that I really do enjoy.
    • Three Goals of the Day- To get life going, I made this task list to complete simple everyday chores. Every time I cross a task off, I feel proud and get happier. When I do not complete a task, I write a note of encouragement that I will complete this task next time.


  1. You don’t have to write in this every day. Your ultimate goal is to write less and less in the journal.  I usually write in it when I am sad. When I am happy, I try to enjoy the moments and don’t worry about writing. 
  2. Do it in your style. You know what works for you. What works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you.
  3. Keep it simple. The more it is minimalist the less likely you are to stress out. Usually I give up writing because I don’t have the color, stickers or the right stationary. Keep it simple, no more than three colors. I usually print out photos of quotes on sticker paper to keep in my journal when I don’t have quotes in mind.

Hope you enjoy this small diy. I hope that this journal brings some light like it does to me. If you do do Daily Life Journal, hashtag #yayaiammaria so I can see you setup and I can support you with a like in this time of yours.

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.


Unique Gifts for Artist

I always leave the hardest people to shop for gifts at the last moment. One of these people are artists. Yes, I can replenish their art supplies or give them countess drawing books. However, I took the challenge to find unique gifts for the artistic people I love. Here are my thoughts of unique gifts for the artist.

Used Books

This makes on every list of unique gifts because it human intellectual and inspiration that a book breathes into a person that it can it never be wrong. So what artist look for the following books:

  • Art Books
  • Graphic / Design Book
  • Books with fantastic illustrations
  • Books with unique text design
  • Classical Literature Books with heavy text, and write a note to the artist to draw illustration on top of the text to create an art book. If you can even cut out scenes too.

You can find use books in your local thrift store, Goodwill, Salvation Army. If you live near Los Angeles, make a stop at The Last Bookstore or Caravan Books.


Artist are always in need of frames, either to display their artwork or artwork from other artists. Grab all different sizes and colors, so they can make a mini gallery at home.


Purchase a used suitcase and convert it to a carry-along art studio. This is perfect for an artist without a studio. Read this blog post for how to convert your vintage suitcase.

Vintage Prints

Artist are always looking for inspiration. Look for amazing prints to inspire the artist, prints can be either fabric prints,book prints, poster prints, or home decor.

Vintage Art Supplies

Look for vintage art supplies to put in a shadow box for a memorabilia. You will most likely find these in the yard sales or flea markets. Look for the following art supplies:

  • brushes
  • used oil paint tubes
  • palette knives
  • mixing plates or boards
  • vintage pens or pencils
  • vintage crayons or pastels
  • watercolors palette
  • erasers

There you have it unique gifts for the artistic love one.

Hope you enjoy these ideas for unique gifts. If you do decide to give one of these unique gifts, #yayaiammaria or tag me Instagram or Facebook.

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.



Unique Gifts for Geeks

Christmas is fast approaching with only 10 days left. Yet, it is not an excuse to have unique gifts for that special geek or geeks in your life.

I totally geek out about stuff, so you can trust me in these unique gifts for the ultimate geek.

Geeks like many things, but unfortunate this blog post won’t be able to cover all things geek relating. So I chose five things that for sure a geek will love.

Comic Books

 The older the comic book, the more it shines to your geek. Comic books are the definitely home run since they cover many topics, superheroes, cartoon characters, history, sci-fi,  illustrations and etc. You can find comic books everywhere. But the older or rarer are only found in comic book stores or thrift shops. If you live in Los Angeles, check your nearest Salvation Army. I found boxes of boxes of vintage comic books.

Vintage Toys/ Collectibles

These are the things that make a geek collection important. Again, the rarer or vintage it is the happier your geek will be.

  • Things that you should look for:

    • Dolls and Accessories– Many people overlook the importance of accessories. I always can find accessories to barbies, GI Joes, or other dolls. The person who collects these probably has the dolls, so he or she will love the accessories
    • Posters– You will find many of these framed so look thought the home section.
    • Toys This is what I look for the most. Usually I look through my local thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. Check out the Goodwill Online Shop.
    • Stuff Animals/ Plushies  Tip- go to a specialty store that sells that character and ask for tips on how to care for it, sometimes washing or dry cleaning damages it.  Sometimes the stuff animals have instructions labels.


Your fellow geek will like to get more information of the topic that he or she geeks about. So why not turn to a book for this information

  • Things that you should keep an eye out: 
    • Memoirs
    • History Books
    • Behind-the-Scenes
    • Fiction Books— I find Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Star Wars and other books at my local Goodwill outlet and it cost 25 cents each.

Re-purpose Thrift Finds

Sometimes you find that one book or board game that is missing a piece, ripe or in bad condition. You can always re-purpose your finds and create a unique one of piece honoring the geeking subject.


Geek Theme Vintage Clothing

This is my favorite part finding vintage clothing that is related to my geek obsession.

  • Things that you should look for:
    • T-shirts- These are best to find with the subject your geek loves
    • Try to clothes similar to the cartoon, show or character that your geek loves. You have more luck in finding something in the thrift store or flea market of something if the character is from another decade.
    • You can always use a form of a clothing into a cosplay costume.  

I found these at a thrift store in Santa Cruz. Planning to use these as regular pins

Hope you enjoy these ideas for unique gifts. If you do decide to give one of these unique gifts, #yayaiammaria or tag me Instagram or Facebook.

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.


Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

I have several love ones who prefer flipping the pages then flipping the channel. Searching for a gift for bibliophiles (aka book lovers) is as easy as going to Barnes and Noble bookstore. If you want to reach the heart of the bibliophile, here are unique gifts to give instead of the fresh off the press book.

Used Books

A book lover will appreciate the look and smell of used book in mint condition.

  • Tips for purchasing a used book

    • Look for books that have names, dates or a little notes. The book lover will appreciate the history of the previous readers or where the book has been.
    • Try to find a first edition or a rare edition of the book. These books tend to be gold for the book lovers.  The Caravan Book Store in Los Angeles will have those first editions or old books.
    • Try to purchase hard cover books over paper one. It last longer and often looks library worthy without the paper sleeve. Check you look thrift store. My Goodwill Outlet always has an amazing deal for books, 4 for $1. I have found the best sellers there in perfect condition. I plan to give one of the book lovers a mini library in a suit case.

DIY Book Plates

Book Plates are decorative labels used in the past to indicate the owner of the book. Often times they gave a personal touch to the book.  Bibliophiles will love these because it evokes history of pride that people in past had about owning a book.


How to DIY Book Plates

  • Make your own in an editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Indesign. Book plates tend to be small, so I recommend no bigger than 2″x 4″.
  • Pinterest book plates and use these as templates. Just don’t forget to add their name to the plate.
  • Use blank adhesive labels that you find in your office supplies store.
  • Or use heavy cardstock or blank project life cards and add some personal touches. Use archive adhesives to attached the cardstock to book.

This bookplate was created for a little boy. I used an image from Pinterest and added the text, swirling detail and the floral background in Adobe Illustrator.


DIY Miniature Book Key chain or Necklace

Book Lovers love to carry a book everywhere they go. Why not give them a portable book that is perfect to attach to their keys or necklace.


I made this simple DIY book charm with bookmark.

How to DIY Miniature Book


I used the saddle stitch to make this book charm.

  • This tutorial or this one shows how to make a simple book necklace.
  • Print out small pages templates of text from their favorite books or favorite poems.

Other Potential Gifts

  • Mini Library

    • Use a suitcase to feature small books and to easily portable. This is ideal for someone who does stay to long in one place or someone who loves to read outside their homes.
  • DIY Bookmarks

    • Make it as unique and personal to the person. If you need an idea here read this.
  • Upcycle Furniture to Bookcases

Hope you enjoy these ideas for unique gifts. If you do decide to give one of these unique gifts, #yayaiammaria or tag me Instagram or Facebook.

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.



Unique Gifts for the Holidays

We are quickly approaching the holiday shopping season. On one of my hands, I have list of people longer than St. Nicholas’ list and on my mind I have the question:

“What is the perfect give for them?”

I love gifts and the enjoyment of giving a gift. To me, finding the gift is showing the person that you understand their personality.

This year, I made a pledge to myself to find unique gifts. When writing a list of possible gifts for the type of personality each individual has, I thought maybe I can write a unique gift guide to help people.

So how will classified unique? Usually one of kind or rare can’t be easily found. These items can be usually be found in a thrift store, vintage shops,  yard sales, flea markets or at your own talents.

In the next few weeks I am going to write five different posts on different personalities:

  • Book Lover
  • Geek
  • Artistic
  • Fashionista
  • Foodie

I will also mention some shops in Los Angeles or San Francisco area where you can unique finds.

Till the next time, stay curious and you will discover a world beyond yours.