Taste Test: Cinnabon Products

I can’t resist Cinnabon. I love the soft cinnamon roll bun drenching in its signature icing. But it can be a pretty expensive eating habit every time I go to the mall or the theme park (Knott’s Berry Farm).

So I went on a hunt to looking for an alternative cinnamon roll. Sorry Ikea, your cinnamon rolls don’t cut it, they are just too dry for me.  What I found on my not so delicious rolls journey that there were Cinnabon theme snacks all along. My a-ha moment. I don’t have to replace my Cinnabon. I just needed Cinnabon taste without the roll.

This brings me today, where I tried and review Cinnabon-inspired snacks.

You can purchase the Cinnabon Popcorn by Wise Snacks. For more information on  Cinnabon Gooey Bites click here.

Let me know if you know any other Cinnabon products that I can try.


Restaurant Review Trejo’s Tacos

On my last days in Los Angeles, I had to do the very Angeleno thing; eat at celebrity restaurant.

So with my Vegan friend, Sylvita Handmade to Trejo’s Tacos. This taco stand is located Mid-Wilshire District.

So what did I order?

trejo tacos blog photo-01

Final Thoughts


I am going to give Trejo’s Tacos:

Taste Rating System Rico 3

However, I only recommend if it is a special occasion because it is $$$ = la dolorous to your wallet.


Until next time, foodies.

Con Amor, 

La Boquisabrosa




Restaurant Review: Crawfish Corner

South of Downtown Los Angeles, the city of Carson is having a boom of new restaurants.

Crawfish Corner is one of these newbie restaurants in the neighbor. It is a Cajun/ Creole Asian fusion restaurant  with their main dish being boil. Located in the newly built condos on Carson Street, the restaurant imbues muted beach tones and an ocean theme.

I had the opportunity to visit this restaurant twice which helps me give a well-rounded review. So now for review.

Crawfish Corner Review

Here is the menu of the different options of seafood and sauce for the boil. They also have other dishes.


What I got?

My family and I had 2 lbs of shrimp boil with corn and potatoes and 1 lb of oysters in the Cajun medium spicy sauce.

We order a side of rice per person. The rice sides are individual sides which I wish they did a family serving instead.

    Here are photos:

    Final Thoughts

    I am going to give this place:

    Taste Rating System Rico 3

    It is close to (four thumbs up) but fall short because I am not a big fan of their house sauce, which I got by mistake instead of the side of their Cajun sauce.  I also did not like that their special is get 2 lbs and get corn and potatoes. But, when we open the bag we only found one small piece of corn. I would think that they would put in at least 2 pieces because 2 lbs is usually shared by two people and not just one person.

    Also watch your pockets at Crawfish Corner, it is  $$$ = la dolorous if you order too much or order the crab.

    Tips for Your Visit

    If you are planning to visit here or other boil restaurant, just beware that it can be pretty mess. So be sure that you are not wearing something that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty or make sure that your plastic bid is on super tight.

    Also, the restaurant is located in a middle of the construction at Carson Street and it is located in semi-constructed condos. So if you are driving, just know it will be a hassle to find parking.


    Until next time, foodies.

    Con Amor, 

    La Boquisabrosa







    Le Petit Paris – Restaurant Review

    Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. Therefore, it would be reasonable that LA has excellent French cuisine.

    Le Petit Paris can be added to the list of great cuisine that Los Angeles has to offer.

    Ambiance & Attendance

    It makes or break a restaurant if these two factors are not up to par.


    Inside the restaurant Le Petit Paris

    Opening last year, September 2015, it ambiance is wonderful and romantic. It is definitely a restaurant to share with a love one or your best friend.  The service was excellent, but that might be because there were only three small groups.


    The first dish we ordered was the Herb-crusted Cod with Mashed Potato.

    my dish

    Herb-Crusted Cod with Mashed Potato

    The outside was crunchy and savory. The pistachios and walnut nuts gave it an earthy taste which commented the buttery taste of the cod. The mashed potato was fluffy and had a cream texture that I like.

    The next dish we ordered was the Chilean Sea Bass with Sweet Potato Tart.

    my real dish from the side

    Chilean Sea Bass with Sweet Potato Tart

    The skin was crunchy with the soft texture of the fillet. The tomato gave it a sweet taste that I like. I love tomatoes and to me it makes everything better. The real winner was the sweet potato tart. It was crunchy from the outside and soft in the inside. The sweet potato was earthy and not overwhelming. The cream sauce was brought all the different taste together with a savory sweet combination.

    Now for dessert.

    dessert time

    We ordered the cheesecake with strawberries. The cheesecake was fluffy and light which brings out the cream cheese flavor out. The strawberries were fresh and sweet. I had to give it to them, this is definitely on my top places to go for traditional cheesecake.


    Cheesecakes with Strawberries

    We also had the Raspberry Large Macaron.


    The wafer was light and airing, but you get the taste of raspberry. The raspberry fill was delicious because of the sudden hint of chocolate that give the sweet berries an earthy tone. The rose petal was a cute additional to the plate. I highly recommended this dessert if you have to choose one dessert to eat in Le Petit Paris.


    Le Petit Paris definitely suits up to the fine cuisine with all the dishes. I love the sweet potato tart and the sea bass. The dessert was beyond delicious. Their signature dish Raspberry macron definitely deserves the honor of best macron.

    So I give it:

    Taste Rating System Rico 3

    I give it one thumb less because the cheesecake could have been a bigger piece. Also watch your pockets at Le Petit Paris, it is  $$$ = la dolorosa.


    Until next time, foodies.

    Con Amor, 

    La Boquisabrosa


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     Vegan Delight: A Restaurant Review of Erin McKenna’s Bakery 

    I went out on an adventure to eat some vegan donuts, however plans went arid.

    Why was I in the hunt for vegan donuts? I do have to put in disclaimer here, I am not vegan or vegetarian but I do believe that we should incorporate more vegetarian meals in our diet. As a foodie, I am always curious on different methods and ingredients to cook. I believe that vegan food have to be the most creative in order to achieve an excellent favor. Thus, inspiring me to look at ingredients in a different light.

    Back to my story. Even with the plans out the window, we venture on to a different vegan bakery in West LA, called Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC.

    Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC

    Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC

    I ordered the soft served vegan twist ice cream of chocolate and vanilla with chocolate chips.

    Soft-serve Vegan Twist Ice Cream with chocolate chips from Erin McKenna's Bakery

    Soft-serve Vegan Twist Ice Cream with chocolate chips from Erin McKenna’s Bakery

    The main ingredient of the ice cream was coconut milk. I do have to say beforehand I am not a fan of the heavy taste of coconut. However, I was surprised by the soft-serve ice cream, the coconut flavor was absent. The ice cream was light and fluffy.  I only wish that the chocolate flavoring was more present. Nevertheless, the ice cream was a delight and highly recommended

    My friend ordered  a toasted coconut vegan donut.

    Toasted Coconut Donut

    Every time I think of a vegan donut, I think of dryness. This donut was not dry whatsoever. It was more denser than normal donuts however. The coconut flavor, again, was not overwhelming.  It had a zesty taste, which is my favorite.

    I give this bakery:

    Taste Rating System Rico 3

    The main base ingredient of coconut is well balance with every sugary sweet and not overwhelming your palate with a single note flavor.

    With a such good taste of goodies, this bakery gets $$$ = la dolorosa. This bakery is definitely is a treat you give yourself on a special occasion or when you have a huge huge craving and don’t mind the huge hole in your wallet afterwards.

    Thanks to Sylvitahandmade for the vegan adventure! Watch her YouTube review of the bakery. Until next time, foodies.

    Con Amor, 

    La Boquisabrosa


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    Simple Halloween Party Snacks

    Welcome back for Part Two of the Halloween Blog Post. If you didn’t know by how, I love Halloween and decided to make this holiday a three series blog post.

    Catch, the first post featuring DIY mermaid costume. Now, time to tackle the food portion of Halloween in this blog post.

    Every holiday we pay great attention to food, why not Halloween. This year, I am invited to Halloween party and got stump on what to bring that invoke Halloween besides candy and caramel apples. So I scour the internet looking for the simplest food that it delicious. These are the top 3 picks for me to witchy spruce up any Halloween Party.

    Mummified Frank

    You will need the following:

    Mummified Weiner Supplies

    • Franks
    • Ready made Biscuits


    1. Preheat the oven at 350
    2. Cut the frank in half starting from the bottom to the middle point only. These will create two legs. You don’t have to do it. You can wrapped it in one piece too.
    3. Roll out the biscuit dough, make it as thin as you can. My mistake was making it a bit thick.
    4. Cut it out in thin long rectangles.
    5. Wrap the hot. I wrapped it twice in different directions.
    6. Put it in the oven and let it cook for 10-25 minutes.

    There you have it,  the mummified franks. They are bit scary looking, but you can always say it was the look you were going for.

    Mummified Weiners

    Creepy Glowing Drink

    You will need the following:

    • Lemon Lime Soda
    • Green Clear Sugar Sprinkles
    • Eye candy
    • Ice

    Creepy Glowing Drink Supplies


    1. Pour ice into a glass cup filling it half of the cup.
    2. Pour the soda until it reaches half of the ice.
    3. Sprinkle a generous amount of sprinkles.
    4. Pour more soda filling it until the desire amount. This will mix the sprinkles with the drink.
    5. Put the candy eye into the drink.

    There you have, the creepy glowing drink.

    Crrepy Glowing Drink

    Got an Eye for an Oreo

    You will need the following:

    Oreo Cookies Supplies

    • Thin Oreos
    • Food Coloring
    • Chocolate


    1. Twist off two oreo to remove one side of the oreo
    2.  One of the oreo, remove the creme of the oreo
    3. Add any food coloring to the removed creme. It will be used for the iris of the eyeball.
    4. Now spread the creme on the white creme to make an iris.
    5. Mold the chocolate to a round ball.
    6. Place in the middle of the colored creme.
    7. Dip a toothpick in the red dye
    8. Make red blood shot jagged lines for the blood vessels

    There you have it, Got an Eye for an Oreo snack.

    Finished Oreo Product

    Hope you like my simple snacks you can bring to any halloween party to make it funnier and spookier.

    Signing out as my foodie alt-ego.

    Con amor,

    La Boquisabrosa

    aka Maria

    La Boquisabrosa is a section in my blog that feature recipes, as well cheap-eats restaurants and, occasionally, fancier restaurants to celebrate birthdays, acing midterms, or late-night munchies after partying. I use the term boquisabrosa to sign off each blog, a street term in Mexico and Columbia for a person who loves food.

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    TBT: The Perfect Food Review, or at least La Boquisabrosa Version of it

    Before I start reviewing restaurants around Los Angeles and places I plan to visit in the future days, I want to let you know how I am going to define a good restaurant from a bad one.

    In the past year, I have reflected on my past articles. I noticed on the restaurant reviews I included a rating system for the cost of the restaurant. But nowhere in the articles was there a rating system for the taste of the food. It seems unfair to my readers that I have not created a rating system for the taste of the food.

    So I set to the task to find a rating system for the taste. However simple the task looked, all my food lovers will know it is a difficult job to describe the taste in symbols.

    So I decided to create my own taste rating system, like I done before with the cost of restaurant rating system.

    With my Streetwise Spanish Dictionary on one hand, I came up with the following taste rating system. I decided to use the symbol of thumbs up. It it a common gesture in Brazil to express you thoughts with the thumbs. I paired the thumbs up with a phrase because I didn’t think it was enough to express the taste of food with just a symbol. Here is the taste rating system:

    This key is La Boquisabrosa's Taste Rating System to critique restaurants.

    This key is La Boquisabrosa’s Taste Rating System to critique restaurants.


    4 thumbs up = to suck’s one’s finger that how delicious it is

    3 thumbs up = delicious

    2 thumbs up = to not be one’s preferred dish

    1 thumb down = to have one’s intestines turn, to cause disgust

    In case you forgot my cost of the restaurant rating system.

    $ = Ajy, it’s pocket friendly!

    $$ = Comida Cómoda

    $$$ = la dolorosa

    I will include both rating systems when I review restaurants and hopefully give my readers a full deep rating systems on food. If you have any suggestions, please email me at laboquisabrosa@gmail.com or comment on my Facebook Page

    Con much amor,

    La Boquisabrosa